"David expertly walked us through the homebuying process..."

"As first-time homebuyers, we didn't really know what we were doing. David expertly walked us through the homebuying process in a way that we could understand. He knows the Bay Area housing market really well. We got the first house we made an offer on (in a super competitive market), in large part due to David knowing what to do to make our offer stand out. He was in constant contact with us during the escrow process to ensure that we understood what was happening each step of the way. He made himself very available- we texted and talked with him multiple times per day, even while he was on vacation. We can't recommend him highly enough!"

Andrea W.

"He's resourceful and provided very solid advice..."

"David helped us buy our first house!

He was very fast and responsive in answering all of our questions. Being first time home buyers we, of course, had many many questions. He was also very flexible and accommodating to our schedule so we were able to see homes at lunch time/evening and weekends. He's resourceful and provided very solid advice throughout the process, from home value and even remodeling ideas.

If you are in the marked to buy or sell we highly recommend him!! We already refer him to all our family and friends. :)"

Angie H.

"David is the person to go to if you want to buy a house in this crazy housing market. Period!"

"The first thing that stands out about David is his energy. Once you have a vague idea of what kind of house you want, he works tirelessly to hash out one that meets your requirements. During this process, you sense the wisdom he's gathered over the years through the suggestions he makes about prospective houses. I clearly remember the graph he drew for us tracing the housing market for last 5-7 years. Here's a person who comes to the table with all the valid data points.

As a first time homebuyer what also stood out for me was his professionalism. He was always on top of things (even during a vacation) and made sure I was always kept in the loop. He would go to great lengths to ensure I understood each step of the process clearly - from looking at a house to signing the title papers! It was solely because of his brilliance that ours was the winning bid for a house that received multiple offers.

I cannot possibly overstate this but we wouldn't be sitting in our new home if it wasn't for David. A great agent and an even better person!"

Avinash K.

"We would recommend working with David any day..."

"David helped us with the purchase of our first home. He was very patient and knowledgeable about the home buying process at the same time made sure that we did not slack off with our efforts. When we were ready to make an offer he ensured that we were aware of all the steps involved. He even had referred us to David Lawver Mortgage Group who were able to get us a good deal on our mortgage. David also made sure to give guidance and support when it was needed and also gave us space to make our decision. He would always tell us that he was 100% behind whatever we chose to do. We finally made our home purchase thanks to a property that he was able to locate. We would recommend working with David any day."

Deepak N.

"He cares and is very good at what he does..."

"What impresses me most about David is his innate ability to sit down with a buyer or seller and transfer their goals and dreams into a written and executable, detailed plan of action on their first appointment with David. I have witnessed the anxiety and stress lift from the consumer immediately following their first meeting with David and have seen written testimonials from David's clients raving about his detailed plan, ability to listen and execute the plan as outlined. To me, this means he cares and is very good at what he does. I feel this is a very special quality that David has that I have yet to find in any other real estate agent."

Jill M.

"He has proven to be a valued and trusted resource..."

"We met David at an open house he was holding for one of his clients. David took the time to find out requirements for our ideal home and our desired location.
Almost as soon as we met him, we started getting leads for homes matching our requirements.

Throughout the whole process, David patiently explained each step, what our options were, and answered the myriad questions that we had as first-time homebuyers. He also made sure to respond in a timely manner and maintained consistent follow-up with all parties (us, escrow agents, property managers, loan officers, other realtor, et al.).

When we finally found a home that we were interested in purchasing, he was quick to submit our application and gave helpful guidance on how much to bid. To our delight, his recommendation was "right on the money" and the seller ended up choosing our offer! After escrow was completed, David continued to follow up with us and see how we were doing. His level of customer service and real estate expertise has truly exceeded our expectations; he has proven to be a valued and trusted resource."

Jilly B.

"He was very attentive to our requests to go see potential homes..."

"David was amazing through the whole process. Before we even started looking, he walked us through the ins and outs of what it would take to purchase a home using our specific situation. Once we decided to work with him to find our first home, he was very attentive to our requests to go see potential homes. When we found the one we wanted, he did everything in his power to put together a very compelling offer which is what made the sellers choose us over 12 other offers. I would highly recommend David Long to anyone looking to buy/sell as he really made it as easy a process as it could have been."

Jon G.

"Choosing to work with David was the best decision that we made..."

"My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about our first time home buying experience with David. Choosing to work with David was the best decision that we made. He was very supportive and answered every question that we had. If David didn't have the answer immediately, he would let us know and get back to us right away. David was great at walking us through the process of buying our first home. We really got a sense that he was in our corner and would do everything he could to help us find the right home.

I would absolutely recommend David to any family and friends looking to purchase a new home. David made himself available to us for questions any time we needed.

David was extremely easy to work with and found a home that was to our liking rather quickly. We expected our search for a home to take a long time. We gave David the criteria of what we wanted in a home and he went out and found it.

Our overall experience working with David was great. One time he let us know that he would be out of town but made it perfectly clear that we could contact him if we had any questions, whenever we wanted."

Kacie P.

"He is an exceptional agent..."

"David helped us find and secure our dream first home within budget and our tight time frame. We are so lucky to have met him! He is an exceptional agent.

His local knowledge saved us from making decisions we would have regretted upon resale. His knowledge of the various processes involved saved us time, money and gave us peace of mind.

David was in constant contact with us. At no time did we have to chase him for a response. His excellent negotiation skills got us into a neighborhood that we thought we would not be able to afford. We are so happy in our beautiful, comfy home.

We have immense respect for David's professionalism. He has a wonderful personality that made it a pleasure to work with him. He is thoughtful and attentive. We certainly feel like we got the red carpet treatment.

Thank you David!"

Louise K.

"David is the best realtor you could get in the bay area..."

"David is the best realtor you could get in the bay area. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of buying a home. He is very honest, patient and forthright. He listens to you attentively and guides you through the home buying process. For the past six months he has helped me, he was seldom wrong on any advice he gave me. I recommend David to one and all. Thanks a lot, David."


"David listened carefully to our requirements..."

"I would highly recommend David if you are looking for a professional to guide and support your home purchase. At the start of our house hunt David listened carefully to our requirements and provided extremely valuable insights into the market. He diligently led us through the search, offer and purchase process. He was extremely responsive to our questions and clearly laid out the options when we were faced with the critical decisions. If you are looking for a Buyer's or Listing Agent I would honestly recommend that you work with David, he very quickly earned my respect and trust."

Paul K.

"We liked him immediately and felt comfortable with him..."

"David Long = The Bullet.
Swift, precise, strong, efficient and gets the job done!
The Bullet.

B = Bold
U = Unstoppable
L = Loveable
L = Lively
E = Energetic
T = Trendy

We endearingly nicknamed David "The Bullet" because when we found a home we loved, David made sure we were the first ones to put in an offer and throughout the entire process, he shot us nonstop emails, text messages, emoticons, phone calls, voice messages and conference calls all at the same time to ensure we were on top of things and everything was moving along smoothly.

He was shooting bullets all day, every day! David works hard to make sure that when you make an offer on a house you love, YOU'LL CLOSE on it. We closed on the first home we made an offer on with David.

We strongly believe that David played a strong role in us closing on THE HOME, in this crazy seller's market in the Bay Area!

We didn't meet David through anyone we know. We actually met David randomly at the very first open house we stumbled across. We were completely new at the whole home-buying thing, and David was so warm, welcoming, knowledgeable and answered all our questions in a way that we understood. We liked him immediately and felt comfortable with him. The next week, he invited us to his office and ran us through the home-buying process so we would know what to expect. During this meeting, he discussed the many aspects of the house buying process which included ensuring you make an offer that is the fair value (looking at comps), the offer itself, and the entire process to then close on the house. We walked away feeling a lot more comfortable about buying a house after this meeting with David!

We then found the home that we absolutely loved and wanted to put in an offer. Naturally, we called David and he started shooting those bullets! We put in the offer and closed in 21 days! All because David was on top of his game and ensuring everyone met their deadlines!

We highly recommend David to help purchase your new home!"

Peter L.

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend him..."

"I honestly cannot speak highly enough of David and the service he provided us. It gives me great pleasure to recommend him in the strongest possible terms. Answers to some specific questions that a potential client of David's asked me are copied below to give additional insight.

# 1. Would you refer David to your friends or family?

Absolutely! As first-timers we really valued his integrity, patience, and overall exceptional level of professionalism and responsiveness.

# 2. Was David easy to work with? Did he find you what you were looking for in a reasonable amount of time?

Yes, very much so. We did a lot of searching ourselves, but ultimately it was David who identified the house we ended up buying, and in which we are now supremely happy. The amount of effort that he went to to accommodate our personal requirements was nothing short of exceptional.

# 3. What was the best thing about working with David?

See above. Integrity, patience, and extreme responsiveness. Even while on vacation in Hawaii, he sacrificed his personal life considerably to get done what had to be done in the minimum possible time. We were absolutely astounded at how quickly and easily David managed to steer us through the complicated and somewhat frightening process of buying our first house in the U.S, even from across the ocean.

# 4. Was there anything you weren't happy with in your buying experience with David?

Not at all. One bit of advice I can give you though (and this is not at all a criticism of David) is to be absolutely clear in your own mind what you're looking for in a home, and how much you're prepared to pay for it. David's advice was was exceptionally good, but at the end of the day, it's your money and will be your home, so you need to take charge of making the final decision, and weigh up all the factors from your own personal perspective. No realtor can do that for you."

Quentin H.

"David is laid back, patient and pleasant to work with..."

"We are really pleased to have worked with David for our first home purchase in the Bay Area. I met David when I reached out to him about disclosures for a house he was listing for sale. He subscribed me to his email list that sends listing, which of course, is a standard practice. What differentiates David from other agents that I have worked with is his responsiveness and initiative. He takes great care to understand what you like, adds significant value to any discussion about neighborhoods, financing, and negotiating strategies. David is laid back, patient and pleasant to work with. We are very picky and persnickety buyers and through it all, he listened to our misgivings and concerns and supported our decisions.

I highly recommend David as a buyer's agent. We hope to use his services the next time we are in the market which hopefully won't be too soon!"

Sandhya S.

"I would highly recommend him..."

"David was wonderful to work with! I didn't think we could find a home in this market. However, with David's knowledge, quick responsiveness, and awesome negotiation skills, we got a house better than I could have ever imagined! I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family and anyone looking to find a home even in a highly competitive market. Thank you, David!"

Stephanie G.